MTN Customer Service: Elevating Your Mobile Experience to VIP Status

MTN Customer Service: Elevating Your Mobile Experience to VIP Status Y’ello MTN Deals customers! Today, we have some exciting news to share with you. We are thrilled to introduce our top-of-the-line MTN Customer Service program called VIP Customer Service which promises to make your journey with us even more enjoyable and hassle-free. Get ready to experience customer service like never before! What is VIP Customer Service? At MTN Deals, we believe that our customers deserve the very best, and that’s why we’ve created our exclusive VIP Customer Service program. When you become a VIP customer, you’ll enjoy a range of perks and personalized support to cater to all your MTN-related needs. Let’s dive into what being an MTN Deals VIP is all about: 1. Free VIP Service with a Dedicated Account Manager As a VIP customer, you’ll receive royal treatment with a designated account manager who’s solely dedicated to assisting you. Say goodbye to long waits and automated systems – your account manager is just a call away, ready to help you with any queries, concerns, or requests you may have. 2. Skip the Queue, Get Right Through We know how frustrating it can be to wait in a queue to speak to a consultant. As an MTN Deals VIP customer, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Simply contact your account manager directly, and they will promptly attend to all your requirements. It’s like having your own personal hotline for MTN assistance! 3. Upgrade Assistance Made Easy Considering an upgrade to a new and exciting MTN Deals plan? Your account manager is here to make the process smooth and seamless. No need to visit a store or navigate through complicated steps. Just reach out to your account manager telephonically, and they’ll guide you through the entire upgrade process. Use our Upgrade Eligibility tool to check if you qualify for an upgrade. How to Qualify for VIP Customer Service Becoming an MTN Deals VIP customer is a breeze! To qualify for our VIP Customer Service program, you need to have an MTN contract with a subscription value greater than R 500 (excluding VAT) – and remember, the handset cost portion is not included in this calculation. Once you meet these criteria, all you need to do is submit your MTN mobile number here, and you’ll automatically be added to our VIP customer list. Frequently Asked Questions 1. How will I know if I’ve been enrolled in the MTN VIP Customer Service program? Once you meet the qualifying criteria and submit your MTN mobile number, we’ll notify you via SMS or email to confirm your enrollment. You’ll then be all set to enjoy the benefits of our VIP service. 2. Can I still visit an MTN store for assistance if I’m a VIP customer? Absolutely! Our VIP Customer Service offers you the convenience of contacting your account manager directly, but you’re always welcome to visit any of our MTN stores for in-person support. You can locate an MTN store near you using our Store Locator tool. 3. Is there any cost for becoming an MTN VIP customer? No, enrolling in our VIP Customer Service program is completely free. It’s our way of showing appreciation for our valued customers like you. Experience the VIP Difference Are you ready to take your MTN Deals experience to the next level? Our VIP Customer Service program is designed to provide you with unrivaled support and care. With a dedicated account manager, no more waiting in queues, and assistance with upgrades, being an MTN Deals VIP means your mobile needs are covered effortlessly. So, if you qualify for VIP Customer Service, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Submit your MTN mobile number now and embrace the VIP lifestyle with MTN Deals. We’re excited to welcome you to our VIP customer family and make your mobile journey extraordinary! Have any questions? Get in touch and one of our friendly agents will happily assist you. Contact US

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How to Buy a Pre-Owned iPhone: Tips and Recommendations

How to Buy a Pre-Owned iPhone: Tips and Recommendations Are you looking for a replacement iPhone, but not wanting to pay the high prices synonymous with a brand-new one? A pre-owned iPhone might be the perfect solution for you. In this blog, we’ll provide tips on buying a pre-owned iPhone, answer common questions, and discuss the benefits of purchasing a refurbished iPhone. What is a Pre-Owned iPhone? A pre-owned iPhone is a device that has been previously owned by someone else and is now being sold to a new owner. The quality of pre-owned iPhones can vary and ranges from ‘like-new,’ to ‘heavily used.’ These devices can be obtained from individuals, or companies who specialise in selling pre-owned electronics. Are Certified Pre-Owned iPhones Good? Certified pre-owned iPhones are typically the best option when purchasing a pre-owned device. These iPhones have been inspected and tested by the manufacturer, or the various independent suppliers involved in sales of pre-owned cellular phones, ensuring that they meet the same quality standards as new devices. Remember that phones which are sold ‘as-is’ or ‘voetstoots,’ have not been opened except for a battery change that would only have been performed or authorised by Apple. Additionally, certified pre-owned iPhones often come with a warranty, giving the buyer peace of mind that they are purchasing a reliable device. Always ask whether the phone has been inspected by the manufacturer, an independent supplier, or an authorised Apple distributor. Be SURE and TRUST MTNDeals Wouldn’t it be good to know that your newly acquired second-hand phone has undergone a 40-point diagnostic check and comes complete with a comprehensive device and repair history. Checklist points which are sometimes overlooked by the majority (but NOT by MTNdeals) include: Checking for scratches, wear, and dents to housing and screen (remember to wipe with a fibre cloth and to hold the phone under a bright lamp for yourself). Ensuring that the charging port is unobstructed by dirt and dust. Checking the camera (and selfie camera) for dust particles by inspecting the lens and by taking a photograph of an evenly-coloured surface (dust under the sensor presents as grey spots in a photo). Checking for dead pixels, and checking for colour deviations on the screen. Checking the technical condition of your device using a diagnostic software. All pre-owned iPhones supplied by have undergone a Phonecheck certification and 40-point diagnostic check which include the above and have a battery health of at least 80%. How Much Do Pre-Owned iPhones Cost? The cost of pre-owned iPhones can vary widely depending on the model sought, the phone’s condition and seller in question. Generally speaking, you can expect to save a significant amount of money by purchasing a pre-owned iPhone over a new one. For example, a brand-new iPhone 12 Pro can cost over R18 000, while a pre-owned iPhone may cost several thousand Rands less.   Where Can I Buy Pre-Owned iPhones? There are a number of different stockists of pre-owned iPhones in South Africa, but not all offer 40-point checks like the one MTNDeals does. Our online marketplace offers a simple process, which creates a pleasurable shopping experience from your sofa. Ordinarily, online shopping requires that the buyer actively reads reviews and researches the various online merchants, but at MTNDeals, you can rest assured that your second-hand cellular phone has been rigorously inspected, tested, and approved and that a valid warranty protects your purchase. Shop our Pre-owned iPhones What Warranty Do Pre-Owned iPhones Have? Depending on where you have purchased your second-hand or refurbished iPhone, warranties will differ in terms of conditions and duration, but as a consumer one normally has 14 days to return an item to the selling party. If you purchase a certified pre-owned iPhone from a retailer like MTN Deals, you will be eligible for a one-year warranty on your device and a 6-month warranty on the battery, but when purchasing from an individual seller, you may not be eligible for any warranty coverage whatsoever. This is why it is important to research the warranty options before making your purchase. What Pre-Owned iPhone Models are available? When it comes to pre-owned iPhone models, a wide variety is on offer to suit all needs and budgets. You can find older models like the iPhone 6 or 7 for as little as R3 999, or newer models like the iPhone XR or 11 for between R8 299 and R 11 999. The availability of specific models may vary depending on the retailer or seller you choose, but popular models like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are widely available. Keep in mind that older models may not be able to support the latest iOS updates or newer apps, so it’s important to research the specifications and make sure the device will meet your needs. Quick View Apple iPhone 8 64GB (Previously Owned) R3,999.00 Quick View Apple iPhone 7 256GB (Previously Owned) R4,399.00 Quick View Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (Previously Owned) R4,999.00 Quick View Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB (Previously Owned) R5,399.00 Tips for Buying a Pre-Owned iPhone Research the seller: Before purchasing a pre-owned iPhone, be sure to research the seller to ensure that you’re buying from a reputable source. Inspect the device: Thoroughly inspect the device before making your purchase, checking for any damage or signs of wear and tear, or ensure that that the seller has completed a legitimate phone check process. Consider buying from a certified retailer such as MTNDeals: Purchasing from a certified retailer who sells refurbished iPhones can provide peace of mind and may offer a warranty on the device. Check the battery health: Battery life is an important consideration when purchasing a pre-owned iPhone. All pre-owned iPhones bought from MTN deals have a battery health of 80% and above. If you are buying from another source, check the battery health to ensure that it is in good condition, or consider replacing the battery if necessary. Consider purchasing a refurbished iPhone: Refurbished phones are pre-owned devices that

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7 Factors on What You Need to Know About MTN’s Reduced LTE And 5G Deals|MTN Deals

7 Factors on What You Need to Know About MTN’s Reduced LTE And 5G Deals MTN’s Reduced LTE and 5G Deals, affordable lighting fast approach to new opportunities MTN has announced a price slash that offers more value to customers on the MTN Home LTE and 5G home packages. Discounted and value-added MTN Home Fixed LTE and 5G services are now available. 5G technology is the future and goes hand in hand with the latest technological advancements. What is 5G? 5G is a fifth-generation mobile network; it is the latest wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. 5G connects everyone virtually with the added advantage of 20-fold faster speeds than 4G. 5G allows more users to connect to one tower, avoiding network congestion during conventions and mass gatherings. 5G has a broad spectrum of usage: Enhanced mobile broadband not only makes your smartphones better but has added advantage in immersive future experiences such as VR and AR. 5G offers lower latency and cost-per-bit. Mission-critical communications will transform industry futures with low latency, reliability, and easy availability. Massive loTs using 5G will have seamless connectivity with a massive number of embedded sensors. Thus, providing low data rates, power, mobility, and easy accessibility. After launching Fixed LTE connectivity solutions last year, there has been an increase in demand. MTN believes everyone deserves the benefits of modern connected life and through these affordable deals; customers will be able to connect on SA’s best network. Why you should switch to MTN’S 5G? Higher multi-Gbps peak data speed More reliability Ultra-low latency Increased availability Massive network capacity Higher performance New user experience with improved efficiency 7 factors you need to know: MTN has announced price reductions on its MTN Home Fixed LTE and 5G home packages, as well as additional value to customers. MTN Home Fixed LTE and 5G offers will be available until the 31st of July 2022. Below are the promotional deals available for MTN Home Uncapped Fixed LTE which MTN customers can now take advantage of: UNCAPPED FIXED LTE UNCAPPED FIXED LTE UNCAPPED FIXED LTE My MTN Home My MTN Home My MTN Home 10 Mbps Max Speed 20 Mbps Max Speed 20 Mbps Max Speed Was R599 PM*24 Now R499 PM*24 or R399 PM*36 Was R799 PM*24 Now R649 PM*24 Was R899 PM*24 Now R749 PM*24 40 GB Fair Use Policy 600 GB Fair Use Policy 700 GB Fair Use Policy Free 4G Wi-Fi router included Free 4G Wi-Fi router included Free 4G Wi-Fi router included MTN has reduced its Uncapped Fixed LTE 10Mbps Max Speed offering from R599 pm for 24 months to R399 pm for 36 months – R200 reduction but for a longer commitment. Fixed LTE 20Mbps Max Speed for a 24-month commitment was reduced by R150 from R799 PM to R649 PM. MTN’s fastest offer; 30Mbps Max Speed was also reduced by R150 for a 24-month commitment. MTN’s LTE plan comes with a 4G Wi-Fi router, and also includes a “Fair Use Policy” which means that the “Uncapped” LTE plans are soft-capped at 400GB, 600GB, and 700GB, respectively. UNCAPPED 5G UNCAPPED 5G My MTN Home My MTN Home 50 Mbps Max Speed 100 Mbps Max Speed Was R999 PM*24 Now R999 PM*24 Was R1099 PM*24 Now R999 PM*24 1000GB Fair Use Policy 2000GB Fair Use Policy FREE 5G Wi-fi router included FREE 5G Wi-fi router included MTN’s Uncapped 5G offerings were also reduced by R100 each, as demonstrated above. There is also a soft cap of 1000GB and 2000GB on these deals, respectively. MTN has dropped the price of its MTN Home capped deals and also added more value for customers to offer even more affordable options. The new promotional deals are shown below: My MTN Home My MTN Home My MTN Home My MTN Home 160GB 240GB 360GB 1000GB Was R269 PM*24Now R249 PM*24 Was R399 PM*24Now R299 PM*24 Was R499 PM*24Now R399 PM*24 Was R1099 PM*24Now R699 PM*24 50GB Anytime50GB Night+Free 30GB AnytimeFree 30GB Night 75GB Anytime75GB Night+Free 45GB AnytimeFree 45GB Night 110GB Anytime110GB Night+Free 70GB AnytimeFree 70GB Night 1000GB Anytime 4G Wi-Fi router included 4G Wi-Fi router included 4G Wi-Fi router included 4G Wi-Fi router included MTN intends to continue to provide South African households with innovative and cost-effective solutions that will keep their connections at the most affordable rates while maintaining exceptional service. 5G is the way to future technological advancements. It is the next best thing that allows you to always be connected and opens you to better global opportunities. It is not something you should miss out on. If you are ready to take advantage of these reduced LTE and 5G deals, get in touch with us today to secure your fast and more affordable connection. Have any questions? Get in touch and one of our friendly agents will happily assist you. Contact US

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MTN: Fastest, Irresistible, Best Voted Network in South Africa

MTN: Fastest, Irresistible, Best Voted Network in South Africa A world without connectivity is unimaginable and unrealistic in the present day. Our daily life tasks, networking, and entertainment revolve around the internet and telecommunication services. Therefore, staying connected with the world is a basic necessity to explore better opportunities. Did you know? South Africa has over 12 million internet users, representing around 34% of the total population. Telecommunication in South Africa, such as internet, television, and phone services, are at an excellent standard in urban areas and are entering the market boom. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of telecommunication service providers in South Africa. Yet, at the same time, MTN surpassed them all in service, customer satisfaction, and efficiency. Last year, MTN spent R3.2 billion (USD 212.9 million) on network upgrades in the first half of 2021. As a result, it paid dividends in customer satisfaction, as MTN was voted South Africa’s best network provider in the fourth quarter.  MTN’s inspiring success story MTN has worked hard to strengthen our infrastructure to benefit our customers with full coverage, quality, and speed that are premium in South Africa. In 2021, MTN won the award of South Africa’s best network provider, which was declared to us by an independent provider, MyBroadband. On a scale of 10, we surpassed our contenders by achieving a network quality score of 9.50, far above our competitors. MTN has been consistent in its growth and services as we outperformed our competitors at the end of 2020 with a Network Quality Score of 9.86. Moreover, MTN is well on track to replicate this performance in 2022. Opensignal’s latest South Africa Mobile Network Experience Report shows that MTN provides the fastest download speed, averaging 27.6 Mb/s. This download speed is 20.7% faster than our second-placed competitor. MTN also delivered the fastest upload speed with a score of 7.9 Mb/s. Our exceptional performance results from the care, time, and money we have invested in our infrastructure over the past five years. MTN’s future vision  MTN is taking significant steps in boosting our coverage in rural and peri-urban areas. Through this rural rollout, we aim to have over 100 rural deployments nationally by the end of 2022. Our visionaries are committed to a broad approach to driving digital and financial inclusion by accelerating broadband connectivity and working to boost the economic recovery of South Africa. MTN’s expansion drive will improve coverage and aims to maintain and exceed quality expectations, building on the recent recognition we received for our network performance. MTN is also expanding its reach in the 5G domain; it now has 900 5G sites with plans to scale up in the future. MTN is also looking forward to stepping up in the FinTech business, which launched in February 2020, scaling to 3.4 million registered users. These are enough reasons to stay connected with MTN for better services and superfast network connectivity. If you are looking to sign up with South Africa’s best-voted network, contact us today. Have any questions? Get in touch and one of our friendly agents will happily assist you. Contact US

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