Promotional Rules

We at MTN are eager to serve our customers in all regards and look forward to easing your experience with us. The MTN team is highly motivated and strikes to embrace transparency in all our promotional deals. 

Listed deals are subject to change from time to time as they frequently update.

Please note that all MTN promotional offers do not include VAS (Value Added Service) services, which are optional. Customers will be charged accordingly if applicable.

To specify, CLI (Caller Line Identity) is a mandatory service and is included in the subscription cost. Customers will be charged accordingly.

All promotional MTN deals can be obtained online or in-store. 

When purchasing a new handset, customers may require a SIM swap which will be billed to the customer’s account and paid for at the time of sale.

Most handsets carry a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty whereas all iPhones carry a 12-month warranty.

Promotions will be available and applicable at a specific price and under a specified package.

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