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You can call us on 087 049 5526 for customer support. For more contact information, please see the contact us page and use any of the multiple contact methods to get in touch.

Delivery may take between 3 to 10 days, based on the stock availability and your area. After placing your order online and the product has been dispatched, you should receive an email with tracking information.

Yes, we are. We are MTN’s largest independent retailer. Learn more about us for more information.

All the products are new unless purchased from the preowned section or stated otherwise.

We accept the following:

MasterCard and Visa credit cards that are 3D Secure enabled. We also accept Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs). The sale process will begin once payment has been verified.

Yes, you can subscribe to a new contract with us telephonically or in person.
You will need to share the following documentation in part or in total to subscribe to a new contract or conclude with an MTN upgrade:

  1. i) Proof of identification Document (ID)
  2. ii) Proof of Residence (e.g., levy statement or electricity bill)
    iii) Bank Statements

Yes, we do offer insurance on MTN products. MTN is a licensed Financial Services Provider (FSP), and all of our insurance products are insured by industry leaders. Learn more about our insurance policies or get in touch.

If your contract is eligible for an upgrade, you can browse our latest deals and promotions online. Thereafter, you can visit one of our MTN stores as per the store locator, or contact us using any of the available methods to speak to an agent.

You will receive a new handset of your choice, if required, that best suits your spending needs and requirements.

– No credit checks are needed while upgrading.
– You can still make use of your current phone number.
– You get to browse and pick the latest MTN deals.
– You will most likely be subscribed to a better and far more economical package.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the contract price plan while renewing your contract.

Upgrading telephonically may take up to 15 minutes to complete. We usually start the delivery process as soon as possible after completing the telephonic upgrade renewal process with one of our agents. Alternatively, you can go in-store and quickly process your upgrade.

If your MTN contract expires and you have not yet renewed or canceled your contract, it will continue on a month-to-month basis. We will send you an expiry reminder before the end of your contract term to keep you informed of this.

Please contact us using any of the available contact methods. After making contact, one of our representatives will be in touch to assist you with your queries as soon as possible.

Yes, you absolutely can. Our WhatsApp chat number is 087 741 1941 or you can make use of the link, https://wa.me/27877411941.

Please see our returns policy or chat with a consultant for more information.

No, unfortunately not. However, we know time is valuable and there is nothing worse than being slowed down by a broken or faulty device. We can assist our customers by referring them to the right repair partner. You can learn more about repairs here.

All products for sale are legitimately purchased and supported by the in-country agents or their representatives.

We take your security very seriously and therefore all the information you supply is protected. Our payment gateways are secure and you will always be requested to supply a 3D secure one-time pin when shopping with us online. We have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that your information is secure with us and we welcome you to shop with us, with peace of mind.

Yes, it is possible, especially with MTN’s Hello World data roaming bundles which are designed for data roaming and traveling. These bundles allow you to take advantage of good prices while traveling. Remember, when roaming on other networks, large roaming charges may be incurred. Be sure to familiarise yourself with all such charges. MTN and MTN Deals take no responsibility for roaming charges no matter the service used and or the amount billed.

After you have subscribed to MTN as a Contract Customer and have signed a 24-month contract, from the completed 21st month, your contract then becomes due for a contract renewal i.e., upgrade. This means you can upgrade your phone and MTN contract from this date onwards. Should you have signed a contract for a period other than 24 months, the upgradeable month will differ from the above stated. Please make use of our upgrade eligibility tool to learn when your MTN upgrade is due. Alternatively, you can contact us using any of the available contact methods.

You can request an upgrade before the end of your contract, but you will need to settle the remaining balance of your old contract and may be charged an early upgrade fee. To apply for an early upgrade, you can get in touch with one of our agents by using any of the available communication methods.

You can browse our online listings and promotions or view the MTN Yellow Trader catalogue.

There are no charges if you upgrade to a higher-priced plan, but you may need to pay a migration fee if you downgrade to a lower-priced plan before contract termination. Please contact us for more information.

You can contact us and one of our agents will assist you with the cancellation process. The agent will also be able to give you a detailed breakdown of any costs associated with the cancellation. There is a 30-day notice period for cancellation. You may want to move your number to a prepaid contract which an agent can also assist you with.

If you have an open order on your account, you will not be able to upgrade until the open order is completed or removed from your account. An open order is an order that is in progress or future-dated, such as:

– Adding a number
– Changing usage limits or services on your number
– A SIM swap or port on your number
– Disconnecting, suspending, or reconnecting the service
– Changing your price plan
– Transferring ownership
– Outstanding payments are due

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