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As MTN’s largest independent retail partner, we offer a consistent quality of service to new and existing MTN customers and any mobile phone customer that engages with our various customer interaction channels.
MTN Deals seeks to develop valuable goods and services for its customers.

MTN Deals’ parent company, Cell Network (Pty) Ltd was founded in October of 1995. Cell Network (Pty) Ltd owns and operates 69 MTN retail stores throughout 7 South African provinces. In addition, Cell Network (Pty) Ltd has three regional offices in Sandton, Centurion, and Klerksdorp that continuously offer support to these stores.

Cell Network (Pty) Ltd is determined to be the preferred provider of MTN products and services for each of our geographical regions. We want to be MTN’s most valuable and indispensable partner and play a key role in its long-term success.

  • Furthermore, Cell Network (Pty) Ltd has a dedicated customer interaction support infrastructure that provides the following services:
  • Customer upgrade services
  • Customer support
  • External sales and client management services for individuals and companies
  • VIP services

As a result, Cell Network (Pty) Ltd can meet any commercially related cellular need. In addition, MTN’s essential products and services are provided by Cell Network (Pty) Ltd, such as contract renewals, migrations, transfers, new contracts, all pre-paid and data services, insurance, account enquiries, and advice where needed in relation to your mobile phone and other mobile telephony related needs. All our team members are highly trained to provide the best service possible to our clients.

  • Our management principles include:
  • 1

    To motivate our employees by showcasing our passion and dedication.
  • 2

    Never settle for ordinary results in lieu of exceptional performance.
  • 3

    Deliver a clear vision and guidance at all times.
  • 4

    Collaborate all the time and work well with others.
  • 5

    Set a great example of the ideals and principles we would like to convey.
  • 6

    Always strive to be better and learn from our mistakes.
  • 7

    Discover fresh ideas to inspire and develop.
  • 8

    Develop the abilities of other individuals.
  • 9

    Always attempt to make wise choices.
  • 10

    Logic and reason must always be respected.
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