7 Factors on What You Need to Know About MTN’s Reduced LTE And 5G Deals

MTN’s Reduced LTE and 5G Deals, affordable lighting fast approach to new opportunities

MTN has announced a price slash that offers more value to customers on the MTN Home LTE and 5G home packages. Discounted and value-added MTN Home Fixed LTE and 5G services are now available.

5G technology is the future and goes hand in hand with the latest technological advancements.

What is 5G?

5G is a fifth-generation mobile network; it is the latest wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. 5G connects everyone virtually with the added advantage of 20-fold faster speeds than 4G. 5G allows more users to connect to one tower, avoiding network congestion during conventions and mass gatherings.

5G has a broad spectrum of usage:

  • Enhanced mobile broadband not only makes your smartphones better but has added advantage in immersive future experiences such as VR and AR. 5G offers lower latency and cost-per-bit.
  • Mission-critical communications will transform industry futures with low latency, reliability, and easy availability.
  • Massive loTs using 5G will have seamless connectivity with a massive number of embedded sensors. Thus, providing low data rates, power, mobility, and easy accessibility.

After launching Fixed LTE connectivity solutions last year, there has been an increase in demand. MTN believes everyone deserves the benefits of modern connected life and through these affordable deals; customers will be able to connect on SA’s best network.

Why you should switch to MTN’S 5G?
  • Higher multi-Gbps peak data speed
  • More reliability
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Increased availability
  • Massive network capacity
  • Higher performance
  • New user experience with improved efficiency

7 factors you need to know:

    • MTN has announced price reductions on its MTN Home Fixed LTE and 5G home packages, as well as additional value to customers. MTN Home Fixed LTE and 5G offers will be available until the 31st of July 2022.
    • Below are the promotional deals available for MTN Home Uncapped Fixed LTE which MTN customers can now take advantage of:
My MTN Home My MTN Home My MTN Home
10 Mbps Max Speed 20 Mbps Max Speed 20 Mbps Max Speed

Was R599 PM*24

Now R499 PM*24 or R399 PM*36

Was R799 PM*24

Now R649 PM*24

Was R899 PM*24

Now R749 PM*24

40 GB Fair Use Policy 600 GB Fair Use Policy 700 GB Fair Use Policy
Free 4G Wi-Fi router included Free 4G Wi-Fi router included Free 4G Wi-Fi router included
  • MTN has reduced its Uncapped Fixed LTE 10Mbps Max Speed offering from R599 pm for 24 months to R399 pm for 36 months – R200 reduction but for a longer commitment.
  • Fixed LTE 20Mbps Max Speed for a 24-month commitment was reduced by R150 from R799 PM to R649 PM. MTN’s fastest offer; 30Mbps Max Speed was also reduced by R150 for a 24-month commitment.
  • MTN’s LTE plan comes with a 4G Wi-Fi router, and also includes a “Fair Use Policy” which means that the “Uncapped” LTE plans are soft-capped at 400GB, 600GB, and 700GB, respectively.
My MTN Home My MTN Home
50 Mbps Max Speed 100 Mbps Max Speed

Was R999 PM*24

Now R999 PM*24

Was R1099 PM*24

Now R999 PM*24
1000GB Fair Use Policy 2000GB Fair Use Policy
FREE 5G Wi-fi router included FREE 5G Wi-fi router included
  • MTN’s Uncapped 5G offerings were also reduced by R100 each, as demonstrated above. There is also a soft cap of 1000GB and 2000GB on these deals, respectively.
  • MTN has dropped the price of its MTN Home capped deals and also added more value for customers to offer even more affordable options.

The new promotional deals are shown below:

My MTN Home My MTN Home My MTN Home My MTN Home
160GB 240GB 360GB 1000GB
Was R269 PM*24
Now R249 PM*24
Was R399 PM*24
Now R299 PM*24
Was R499 PM*24
Now R399 PM*24
Was R1099 PM*24
Now R699 PM*24
50GB Anytime
50GB Night
Free 30GB Anytime
Free 30GB Night
75GB Anytime
75GB Night
Free 45GB Anytime
Free 45GB Night
110GB Anytime
110GB Night
Free 70GB Anytime
Free 70GB Night
1000GB Anytime
4G Wi-Fi router included 4G Wi-Fi router included 4G Wi-Fi router included 4G Wi-Fi router included

MTN intends to continue to provide South African households with innovative and cost-effective solutions that will keep their connections at the most affordable rates while maintaining exceptional service.

5G is the way to future technological advancements. It is the next best thing that allows you to always be connected and opens you to better global opportunities. It is not something you should miss out on. If you are ready to take advantage of these reduced LTE and 5G deals, get in touch with us today to secure your fast and more affordable connection.

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